Junkertown disabled in Overwatch 2 after FPS exploit discovery

Roadhog and Junkrat sitting outside Overwatch Junkertown mapBlizzard Entertainment

Junkertown has been disabled in Overwatch 2 after players discovered an exploit tanking everyone’s FPS in-game. The map is expected to be re-enabled within a week.

Overwatch 2’s launch woes have continued with the developers forced to take long-standing payload map Junkertown offline on October 19.

“We have temporarily disabled Junkertown in all queues due to a bug that was causing graphic performance issues,” developers said.

The bug involved an asset in attacker spawn, which players could shoot to overload the server and tank everyone’s FPS from the hundreds down into double-digits or worse. Zarya’s beam constantly shooting the junk was the worst offender for it.

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It comes after a string of bugs have tainted the hyped Overwatch 2 launch. From server issues and progression problems, to having to disable heroes due to rework bugs, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Blizzard.

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However it seems the storm is almost over with things slowly getting fixed. Junkertown isn’t expected to be offline for long, with the map expected to be back online within the week along with Torbjorn and Bastion in ranked.

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“Our goal is to re-enable the map, along with Torbjorn and Bastion, with our next planned update on October 25.”

More fixes are coming for other mechanics in Overwatch 2 as well, including the ranked system and its clarity.

The issues haven’t also stopped players from flocking to the reboot, with more than 25 million players joining in on the action in the two weeks since launch.

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