Insane Overwatch Teleporter Wall flank trick easily wins points on Rialto & Volskaya

Michael Gwilliam
Symmetra on Rialto

Overwatch players looking for a couple of completely new ways to attack classic maps should look no further than this crazy Teleporter Wall strategy with Mei and Symmetra.

Attacking Rialto and Volaksya can prove to be quite difficult, especially if the enemy team is set up well defensively.

Oftentimes, teams will find themselves poking in the choke instead of advancing onward onto the objective. This is where a unique trick involving Symmetra and Mei can pay dividends and completely catch enemy teams off guard.

Symmetra’s revamped Teleporter is easily one of the craziest abilities in Overwatch. With the power to get whole teams to high ground with ease, you can accomplish some cool attacks. That said, it doesn’t work on surfaces that aren’t flat. This is where Mei’s Wall comes into play.

By putting a Mei Wall on a roof and then putting the Symmetra Teleporter on top of it, entire teams can reach brand new locations and absolutely obliterate enemy forces.

As seen by Overwatch streamer noonoo, after leaving the top spawn on Rialto, the player and his Mei teammate coordinate to put the Teleporter on top of a rooftop Mei Wall.

Thanks to this flank, noonoo and the rest of his team are able to get behind their enemies and easily wipe them in just thirty seconds.

A similar trick can be performed on Volskaya, where instead of fighting in the choke, the Mei Wall went on top of the building attackers have to pass through, allowing for the whole team to drop down onto the defenders.

Just like with Rialto, noonoo’s team was able to win the point in around 30 seconds with only a couple of enemies still alive, not posing any sort of legitimate threat.

Best of all is these tricks are very easy to perform and the DPS combination of Mei and Symmetra can be very difficult for teams to deal with making the hero picks viable outside of just the Wall Teleporter strategy.

Next time you’re playing either of these two maps, be sure to give this trick a shot and see if you can capture the objectives as quick as noonoo did.