OWL May Melee champs Dallas Fuel sign DPS legend Pine

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel announced the massive signing of legendary DPS player Kim ‘Pine’ Do-hyeon out of nowhere just a day after their first-place May Melee finish.

When it comes to big-name players in the Overwatch League, there aren’t too many who can claim to be more famous than Pine. During the Inaugural Season with New York, he single-handedly drove sales of NYXL McCree skins through the roof.

While his skills on damage heroes are second to none, a changing professional meta saw the 23-year-old sitting on the bench more and more before he was finally released by the Excelsior after the 2019 season.

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We suffered a drought of “Pine Time” all through 2020, but on May 10, 2021 the Fuel announced they were bringing the storied DPS back to the big leagues.

“I am very honored to be joining Dallas Fuel~ Many people have been worried about many things in the process of retiring and returning again,” Pine tweeted after the news broke. “Thanks a lot for your attention. Dallas fans or Overwatch fans, thank you!”

The return of “Big Boss” Pine is great news not just for Dallas Fuel fans, who are already having a great season, but anyone who enjoys some of the most entertaining DPS play out there.

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