Insane Overwatch Symmetra Teleporter trick can trap enemies in your own spawn

Michael Gwilliam
Magician Symmetra skin

A ridiculous new Overwatch trick has been discovered that lets Symmetra and Reinhardt literally trap enemies in the spawn, even if the spawn doesn’t belong to them.

Symmetra’s Teleporter is one of the most unique abilities in Overwatch and some streamers are still discovering all sorts of wacky tricks you can do with it.

McMagicMarv is one such streamer who took to YouTube to explain how by using a Symmetra Teleporter just outside of your spawn, you can push it back towards the spawn by using Mei’s Cryo-Freeze and Ice Wall.

By pushing it back, you can make it so the Teleporter is directly inside of your spawn, something the game doesn’t actually let you do by default. As such, your Reinhardt player can take advantage of this on certain maps.

New Symmetra event
Symmetra has some crazy tricks up her sleeve.

As shown in the video, by charging an opponent into the Teleporter and then taking it to Teleport into the spawn, the enemy Roadhog now finds themselves trapped.

The streamer dubbed this trick the “Gates of Hell” and it’s a fitting name, because if the Teleporter is passed the barricade, the enemy will be trapped in your spawn.

That’s not even the nuttiest part, though. If the enemy tries to leave the spawn, they will burn up and be eliminated for some reason. This basically means that trapping an opponent in your spawn is an automatic death sentence.

It’s not clear why the game decides to damage enemies who leave a spawn they’re not supposed to be in to begin with, but it’s definitely a weird interaction to say the least.

On the bright side, it’s unlikely you need to worry about this happening to you in-game as it is hard to pull off, but it’s something to keep in mind if you ever want to seriously style on your opponents.

Considering all the wild Symmetra Teleporter strategies that have been found in recent months, it’s anyone’s guess as to what could possibly be next.