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Insane Overwatch exploit makes Widowmaker bulletproof on Gibraltar

Published: 18/Jan/2020 19:56

by Alan Bernal


Overwatch players already have to contend with dozens of vantage points on Gibraltar where a Widowmaker can lie in wait, but one of them doesn’t seem to let players counter the Talon assassin.

In nearly four years since the release of Overwatch, the community still come across some bizarre glitches or hidden sniping spots throughout the popular Escort map – though some tend to be much more problematic than others.

A good Widowmaker can wreak havoc all across the Watchpoint if left unchecked, but even a blindside flank wasn’t enough to deter the sniper from her spot since a point-blank shot to the head went unregistered.


Gibraltar in Overwatch
It looks like there could be an extra element in the glitched spot on Gibraltar.

There seems to be an invisible obstruction of sorts covering the spot near the final point on Gibraltar. While Widow is basically out in the open to a watchful eye, landing a shot on her isn’t as telegraphed as it may appear.

For example, a clip uploaded by Reddit user ‘DaPharSydeToo’ shows how safe a Widowmaker can be if they perch themselves on the balcony overlooking the payload’s destination.

Seeing that the sniper was looking forward, the player took their time to line up a straight shot to the enemy’s head, but the scene itself was a bit strange.


Is this a known widow exploit on Gibraltar? Haven’t ever seen it before tonight. from Overwatch

There seems to be a Venom Mine seemingly latched to the air in front of Widow, which is the first giveaway that there might be an extra element or something similar in that region of the map.

Not only does the bug give the mines a cheeky angle to be planted, when the player took their shot toward the Widow, something seemed to block it.

“I would say it’s intentional and seems to be some invisible texture that’s there and blocking you,” one user said, watching the clip. “The invisible texture because of the floating trap thingy and also widow kinda knew where to go to shoot you making it seem like she knew about something.”


Widowmaker shooting at bug in Overwatch Gibraltar.
DaPharSydeToo via Reddit
There seems to be something blocking the shot on Widowmaker in this glitched Gibraltar spot.

If players come across someone in their game using the exploit, it seems like the can at least be flushed out of it pretty easily – though not before they become a nuisance in-game.

Now it’s up to Blizzard to find and correct whatever might be causing the glitch to prevent more players from using the bug to their advantage.