Hidden Overwatch sniping spot in Gibraltar is perfect for Widowmaker

Bill Cooney

A creative Overwatch and Widowmaker fan has locked down a way to reach one of the cleverest perches we’ve ever seen on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

Widowmaker can be surprisingly mobile with her Grapple Hook and she can also reach spots that most other heroes can’t get anywhere close to.

There are plenty of spots all around Overwatch that Widow can take advantage of, but just getting to the spot can be a challenge itself.

The Gibraltar spot they’ll never see coming

Reddit user xXsimonsXx laid out how to reach the spot high above the third stage on Gibraltar in a short clip on r/CompetitiveOverwatch.

On the rooftop above the back route to the Stage 3 checkpoint, players are able to grapple up to the stone archway if they stand on a certain joint on the roof.

The spot definitely gives defending Widows a nice vantage point to snipe at the attacking team, until they’re discovered at least.

It could potentially be used by attackers too, even though it only gives a partial view of the third and final checkpoint.

Of course, as with any sneaky positioning, you don’t want to spend too much time in an actual game getting on your perch, so a little practice would probably be a good thing before whipping this out in Competitive.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe spot provides a nice little place to snipe from for Widow.600

A Widowmaker cosplay that will blow you away

Widowmaker is without a doubt one of the most popular characters in Overwatch, which also makes her inspiration for a good many cosplayers.

Recently, Ukrainian cosplay model le_blaaanc_cosplay took inspiration from the limited-time Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker skin which debuted back in 2018 as part of StarCraft’s 20th birthday.


Everything from Kerrigan’s iconic goggles, armor, and gun were all recreated beautifully and just like the skin the cosplay is a great combination of two Blizzard fandoms.

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