Hilarious Overwatch clip shows why Sigma is best for Capture the Flag

Bill Cooney

A new Overwatch clip shows that Sigma doesn’t drop the flag when he uses his ultimate, allowing him to fly across the map untouched.

Capture the flag is an Overwatch Arcade mode originally introduced with the first Lunar New Year event all the way back in 2017.

It’s back again for 2020, and players have already discovered how powerful Sigma is in CTF, thanks to his Gravitic Flux ultimate.

Besides lifting other heroes in the air, Gravitic Flux also allows Sigma to float around.

Reddit user “Shnig1” posted the clip below to Reddit, which shows how Sigma is able to hang on to the flag in Overwatch’s CTF.

With the game in overtime positioning for the clip, Sigma grabs the flag and activates Gravitic Flux to let him tactically float away and score.

Other heroes in Overwatch typically drop the flag when they use movement abilities to make things a little more competitive.

Lucio, for example, isn’t able to wallride with the flag – otherwise, all those Reddit Lucio’s out there would just try and wallride on the side of the map to score.

Overwatch devs may have thought Sigma’s ultimate was enough of an advantage to make him drop the flag when using the ability – or they could have just missed it.

Sigma has shown he’s pretty good at CTF during his first Lunar New Year event.

Whether or not Blizzard will change the interaction between Sigma’s ultimate and the flag remains to be seen, but for no,w players might want to watch out for the bare-footed tank flying around with the flag.

However, if Lucio can’t wallride with the flag and Pharah can’t boost up with it either, it doesn’t really seem fair that Sigma can fly around while holding on to it during his ultimate.

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