How to play with tiny Overwatch heroes in hilarious new Workshop mode

tiny overwatch workshop modeBlizzard Entertainment

In a hilarious match during the Overwatch League’s All-Star Game, a new Workshop mode featuring microscopic, speedy heroes was played by North America’s best players. Now, people can enjoy “Tiny” Overwatch at home, too.

In July 2020, an Overwatch Workshop update gave players the ability to make hero models as small or large as they want in custom games. While a “Tiny Overwatch” mode has been available across custom lobbies since around 2019, this update has opened things up for an even sillier, more literal version of the popular format.

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The original “Tiny Overwatch” puts squads of six into a team deathmatch format with incredibly quick ultimate generation rates, random respawns like in Mystery Heroes, and a restricted dueling space. With locations like Hollywood’s theater spawn or the Temple of Anubis attacking spawn, the game was essentially a high-octane cage match with each team stacking up on ultimates and trying to overpower their enemies through sheer, brute force.

But the latest version of the custom game is even wilder, and has made its way to the forefront of the Overwatch community’s collective consciousness after being showcased by some of the world’s best players. It’s not normal-sized heroes in a small space, instead, it’s miniature characters on the normal map.

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As seen in the OWL’s All-Star gameplay, the mode features a variety of bite-sized heroes zooming around the map and battling it out. The little buddies are about the size of the spawn’s basketballs, but much quicker and deadlier.

How to play the Tiny Overwatch Overwatch Workshop mode

  1. Select “Play” from Overwatch’s main menu
  2. Go to the “Game Browser” option
  3. Click on “Create” to make your own or play someone else’s custom game
  4. Select “Settings” from among the creation options and navigate to the “Import” button
  5. Input the “T3CC7” code
  6. Modify settings if you want and then just enjoy some miniature Overwatch madness

One aspect of the mode that’s particularly funny is that some heroes are sized normally, while others are microscopic. That makes the normal heroes look like the giants found in some of the “Skyscraper” Workshop modes by comparison, which is just fun to watch. 

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While the Overwatch custom-game community is very active, having the Workshop shown off on OWL broadcasts is a new level of exposure and fans will most certainly be happy to have another weird mode to play for fun.

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