How to earn rewards by watching Overwatch League Grand Finals

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch League fans can earn cosmetic rewards for tuning into the upcoming Season Two grand final between Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock.

Only two teams remain in the battle for the Season Two title, and Overwatch players who tune in to see which will take the crown on September 29 will also be rewarded with some exclusive in-game cosmetics.

Two sprays and an icon are on offer, and will be awarded based on the time spent watching the grand finals broadcast. Viewers need to tune in for at least three hours in order to unlock the full rewards, which will be given out as follows:

  • If you watch at least one hour during the Grand Finals, you receive the Wrecking Ball Watch Party spray.
  • If you watch at least two hours during the Grand Finals, you receive Wrecking Ball watch party spray and the Grand Finals Trophy icon
  • If you watch at least three hours during the Grand Finals, you receive the Wrecking Ball watch party spray, the Grand Finals Trophy icon, and the Payload Watch Party spray!
Patrick Dodson/The Overwatch LeagueEither the Titans or the Shock will become the second OWL champions after London Spitfire won Season One.

The grand final is due to kick off at 12 PM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 8 PM BST. The match will be a best-of-seven, although a quick 4-0 finish isn’t impossible, so if you want to be sure of collecting all the rewards it’s advisable to tune in from the start.

How to claim Overwatch League rewards

In order to guarantee that you actually receive the rewards for watching the grand finals, you’ll need to ensure that you’re viewing in a way that Blizzard can recognize.

If you’re viewing via the in-game client, rewards will automatically go to your account. If you’re watching through the Overwatch League website or, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed in on those platforms.

For those viewing on Twitch, you’ll have to link your Twitch account to your Blizzard account. To do so, log into your account on Twitch, go to your Settings and open the Connections tab, which should offer a link to connect to your account.

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