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Here’s what new hero Ashe looks like in every Overwatch League team skin

Published: 14/Nov/2018 14:28 Updated: 14/Nov/2018 14:31

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan put together a compilation showing off new hero Ashe in the various Overwatch League skins.

The game’s 29th hero, Ashe hit the live servers on November 13 after having been announced a BlizzCon and spending just over a week being tested on the PTR.

Like all new heroes, Ashe joined the game with 10 regular skins. Some are simple recolorings of her default design, while the Epic and Legendary skins make more distinct changes to her character model around a particular theme.

As well as her own look, Ashe’s skins also affect the look of B.O.B., her omnic sidekick who charges in as her ultimate ability and does “something”.


Blizzard EntertainmentAshe’s “Jungle” Legendary skin.

As well as the regular skins, however, Ashe also has access to twelve additional skins in the form of the Overwatch League team skins. These are the skins that will be used in the league, and can be purchased for 100 League Tokens.

For those considering picking up a League skin for Ashe and wanting to know which they like the most, u/Owlero has helpfully compiled them all.

From the thematically-appropriate Houston Outlaws colors and logo to the Florida Mayhem’s bright red and yellow – already inducing the nickname “McBob” for Ashe’s partner in crime, the latest continuation of the McDonalds meme that the Mayhem look inspired – this is what Ashe and Bob look like sporting Overwatch League skins.


Unfortunately, though several of the new teams’ skins have been revealed, as they’re not currently in-game they can’t be seen for every hero, and so aren’t available here.