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Bizarre Overwatch bug may give Mercy a secret advantage on King’s Row

Published: 5/Aug/2021 20:35

by Michael Gwilliam


A strange Overwatch bug has been discovered that lets Mercy and potentially other heroes get stuck under the map on King’s Row, but it may have some practical uses in an actual match.

King’s Row is easily one of the most popular maps in Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from bugs and glitches, especially in its last section where it’s not uncommon to see ultimates vanish through the map.

The final point is also home to a unique section where heroes with extreme mobility options can fly or dive underneath it and surprise enemies on the other side.


King’s Row Overwatch bug discovered

This is exactly what happened to Overwatch streamer Angelifiedd while she played Mercy and followed a Pharah teammate underneath the map.

While underneath, she ended up finding herself seemingly stuck and able to stand up, no longer in the Guardian Angel animation.

After pulling out her pistol and doing some damage to enemies, a Zarya even used Grav on her, keeping the Mercy streamer from being able to return to her team.

Even though she could take damage and found herself at a mere 20 HP, she survived the onslaught and eventually, because her team had a Pharah, found a way to return to them by latching onto the jetpack DPS hero.


Mercy trapped on king's row
Mercy, what are you doing down there?

Otherwise, she would almost certainly have fallen to her demise.

The whole situation was bizarre, but this area of the map could have some practical uses, for example, being able to contest the payload from under the map. It was a strange incident, but you never know if there might be a time where knowing about this spot could come in handy.

In any case, if you’re a Mercy player, it’s something to be mindful of, either if you don’t want to get stuck or if you want to confuse the enemy team in some capacity.