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Overwatch players suggest simple changes to reward non-toxic teammates

Published: 6/Aug/2021 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


Toxicity has become the thorn in many Overwatch players’ sides, but for every hateful player you can find some wonderful teammates who don’t reap the rewards others believe they deserve. 

Despite fans of Riot Games’ flagship FPS, Valorant, claiming that Overwatch’s Endorsement system is a great way to reward sportsmanship, many players believe that the game still has a way to go in terms of combatting toxic players.

Rulebreakers and flamers are rife in Blizzard’s FPS, with a recent stream by emongg humiliating one cheater who didn’t have their Aimbot loaded correctly. While reporting these players can be pretty satisfying, some fans would rather bring some positivity to the game instead.


Enter a collection of innovative players who have started formulating ideas for how Blizzard can shake things up.

Roadhog thumbs up with Overwatch endorsement system
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s Endorsement system allows players to vote for three in-game heroes.

Overwatch fans want a better Endorsement system

While the Endorsement system can be a nice serotonin boost, one player has devised some simple changes that would allow you to truly reward the best of the best.

“There should be a report button but for non-toxic players,” they title their post. “We all know the cathartic feeling of reporting an extremely toxic player, but sometimes there’s those games where someone is positive no matter what the outcome is.”

They explain that: “I feel like endorsements just aren’t enough to show my appreciation for those positive people. Honestly, those are the people who keep me from uninstalling and quitting the game entirely. So I believe there should be a button that instantly rewards (other than 25 measly XP) those people.”


There should be a report button but for non-toxic players from Overwatch

One of the suggested methods of praising these deserving players is by gifting them loot boxes from your own personal stash. Loot boxes gift players four random in-game cosmetics or currency, so it would be a nice surprise to present a non-toxic player with this little gift.

Another player proposes an idea similar to Warzone’s shadowban system, which groups players with poor in-game reputation together. “This way the worst of the worst can just play with each other and tilt, scream, spam, and leave all they want,” one fan said.

Overall, though, fans have rallied behind the idea of some sort of reverse report button for positive players. “This is actually a fantastic idea,” writes one commenter, with another echoing: “I think someone’s got a petition I need to sign!”


Whether or not we’ll see a feature like this implemented in Overwatch 2 remains unclear, but as the sequel hits yet another development milestone we can only hope to catch a glimpse of its new features in the near future!