Game-breaking Overwatch bug makes Reaper invincible on Hanamura again

Theo Salaun
overwatch reaper hanamura

Just months after being reported and patched, Reaper is, once again, teleporting into a Hanamura hiding spot that makes him an absolute terror to enemies as an invincible shadowy figure.

Back in July 2020, it was discovered that there is a staircase leading toward Hanamura’s second point that Reaper is able to Shadow Step inside of. Teleportation is a finicky science and, therefore, it is unsurprising that practically every patch is forced to address Reaper’s ability to teleport into “unintended locations.”

But, unlike most of the shotgun-wielding ghoul’s bugs, this Hanamura one appears to have somehow, someway made its return to the game’s 2CP map. Players are not thrilled about this issue and are trying to, once again, bring it to Blizzard Entertainment’s attention in hopes that it gets fixed.

While this glitched location is new to some players, it brings back unhappy memories for others. No matter which group you identify with, one has to imagine that the game’s fans would rather that this fix comes quickly and, in a vast departure from the previous occurrence, permanently.


As shown by Reddit’s ‘Jammie___Dodger,’ the secret spot is found right at the top of the stairwell that attackers typically use to begin their assault on Point B from its overlooking balconies. If the infamous member of Talon looks downward somewhere between the top two steps, he is able to teleport directly into the stone stairwell.

This leads to Reaper being within the impenetrable rocky location, yielding a comfortable sight line toward the attackers Point B spawn and a dangerous spot for ambushes.

Reaper shrugs his shoulders
Reaper is stealthy and does not want to be blamed for how OP his teleportation can sometimes be.

While it’s not the most useful glitch in the world, it can be taken advantage of, on defense, to shock enemies with a surprise Death Blossom from behind as they move toward the second point. 

As shown in the past, you can also shoot enemies through the staircase and emerge from it very easily. But it appears that they can not harm you in return, until you make your exit. This compounds the bug’s impact and makes it a definite priority for Blizzard to patch out as soon as possible.

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