Incredible 2D Overwatch Hero concept would be a perfect new mode

Lauren Bergin
2D Genji
Blizzard Entertainment

With the excitement building over Overwatch 2, a creative fan has turned the Hero Gallery 2D, sparking discussions about a potential 2D Overwatch mode.

Overwatch is renowned for its ability to let players try something different. With Custom and Experimental being some of the most popular game modes, Blizzard actively invites players to make their own concepts become a reality.

This has led to a plethora of popular game modes, like heroes turning into giants among other weird and wonderful ideas.

One player, however, has come up with a cool idea that would make an awesome game mode in Overwatch 2 – 2D Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch has a sprite for all of these heroes, and this Reddit user has used these to create 2D Overwatch.

2D Overwatch?

Reddit user AlphaWolfe11702 shared a completely 2D version of the Hero Gallery that they created using some of the in-game sprays.

Every character has been reimagined using the cute pixellated versions of themselves, making even the scariest of heroes such as Genji and Roadhog look somewhat adorable.

The post has raised a variety of questions from other users on the Subreddit, all of whom were excited over the idea of a 2D platformer based on the game. A 16-bit 2D fighter would certainly be a very different look for Overwatch but would be a fun throwback to the original games that inspired titles just like this one.

AlphaWolfe11702 via. Reddit
Imagine Overwatch, but in 2D

Coming to Overwatch 2?

While the details surrounding the new Overwatch are still pretty vague, the popularity of this post may be a hint from fans to include a 2D mode in the game, especially when the sprites are already there to use.

We’ll have to see if Blizzard jump on the 2D train, but it’s clear that a lot of Overwatch fans would be very happy to see their favorite characters reimagined. So, 2D Custom game when?