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Every Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 skin: challenges, rarity, price

Published: 13/Oct/2020 19:06 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 13:48

by Bill Cooney


It’s finally time for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2020 event, and the new skins this year definitely don’t disappoint. With new options for D.Va, Genji, Sigma, and more, we’ve got all the info on price and how to unlock each and every one.

Halloween Terror is by far one of the most popular seasonal events Overwatch has to offer, and the main reason is all of the awesome skins we get from Blizzard.

2020 is no different, with new cosmetic options for D.Va, Sigma, Winston, Sombra, Hanzo, Genji, Brigitte and Echo on offer. This is especially good news for all of us D.Va mains, since it’s her second new skin in less than a month.

Below, we’ll list all of the new Halloween skins for 2020, including their price and how to unlock them, starting with the weekly challenge skins and moving up to the Legendaries.

Fantasma Sombra – Epic – Challenge skin

Fantasma Sombra
Blizzard Entertainment
Fantasma Sombra is only available from the first weekly challenge.

First up for the challenge skins is none other than Sombra with a ghostly teal skin called ‘Fantasma’. Just by the looks of the still images, we can tell this fits with her hacker persona perfectly.

We’d bet money on the designs covering her jacket moving as well, adding an extra layer of detail onto this skin. Since it’s a weekly challenge reward and not a regular skin, it won’t be available for purchase. Instead, you can only unlock it by winning nine games during the first week of the event.

Stone Brigitte – Epic – Challenge skin

Overwatch Halloween Terror skins
The three Epic Skins can be yours if you’re able to tally 27 total wins across three weeks.

Stone Brigitte is week 2’s challenge reward, and as the name suggests it turns the hero into a living statue. Fittingly enough, she sort of looks like a boss from Dark Souls, which anyone who has played Overwatch for a while will tell you isn’t too far off the mark.

She’ll also look right at home charging into battle next to Gargoyle Winston from 2019’s Halloween event. She might have taken a few nerfs over the last year, but you can’t deny this is a good-looking skin.

Ragdoll Echo – Epic – Challenge skin

Blizzard Entertainment
This Echo skin looks like something out of a Tim Burton fever dream.

Finally, the last weekly challenge skin is the amazing Ragdoll Echo skin. Ever since it was released ahead of the event, it’s been a favorite of Overwatch fans, and it’s easy to see why.

Echo looks like she came straight out of a Tim Burton movie, with a button eye and stitches running up and down her skin. A ghostly red glow makes the perfect highlight as she floats through the seasonal spooky maps.

Dai-Tengu Hanzo – Legendary – 6000

Overwatch Legendary skin
A look at the new Legendary Dai-Tengu Hanzo Skin.

Both of the Shimada brothers get a new skin for 2020, but we’ll take a look at Hanzo to start things off in the Legendary category.

In contrast to his ‘Demon Hunter’ skin from years past, the archer seems to have become the demon this time around, with his face even resembling the one etched into his previous skin.

Karasu-Tengu Genji – Legendary – 6000

Overwatch Legendary skin
A look at the new Legendary Karasu-Tengu Genji Skin.

There was some talk of Genji getting a new skin for Halloween 2020, and it looks like those rumors weren’t too far off the mark. Like his brother, the cyber-ninja has apparently been turned into some kind of bird demon.

As with every Legendary Genji skin, special attention has been paid to his katana, which has firey, molten effects you’d expect to see on something wielded by a resident of the underworld.

Flying Dutchman Sigma – Legendary – 6000

Overwatch Legendary skin
A look at the new Legendary Flying Dutchman Sigma Skin.

This is one skin that people have been predicting since Sigma came out. Since he comes fro the Netherlands, and literally floats above the ground, the “Flying Dutchman” skin is one we saw coming from a mile away.

The best part of this skin though? It definitely has to be the fact his orbs have been turned into two little sea urchins, but that beard isn’t half bad either.

Werewolf Winston – Legendary – 6000

Overwatch Legendary skin
A look at the new Legendary Werewolf Winston Skin.

Sorry McCree fans, it ends up being Winston who will get a werewolf Halloween skin first. Aside from the furry features and wooden jetpack, the scientist is also rocking a very stylish flannel that probably fit before the full moon.

If you think this skin is awesome when Winston is normal, just wait until he gets angry – then it really gets good.

Shin-Ryeong D.Va – Legendary – 6000

Overwatch Legendary skin
A look at the new Legendary Shin-Ryeong D.Va Skin.

We’ve finally arrived, D.Va actually has an Overwatch Halloween skin, and all is right in the world of Overwatch. After making us wait four years, Blizzard has outdone themselves by giving Hana Song some little fox ears and ghostly tails.

Her MEKA is also looking the part, and has been transformed into a spooky version of the traditional Korean homes known as ‘Hanok.’

There you have it, all of the new Overwatch skins for Halloween Terror 2020. Whichever ones you want to pick up, be sure to do it before the event wraps up on November 3.


Overwatch Halloween 2020 update massively buffs Soldier 76: patch notes

Published: 13/Oct/2020 19:25 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 13:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has hit the live servers on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and with it come some huge buffs to Soldier 76, big bug fixes and a nice elevator change.

The big thing this patch, with the exception of the Halloween Event featuring some new and classic skins, is the Soldier 76 buffs.

While the buffs were tested on the Experimental Mode a few weeks back, they hadn’t gone live in the game until October 13.

Now, Soldier 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle has had its bullet spread removed completely, but its bullet damage is reduced from 20 to 19. However, to compensate, his ammo has increased from 25 to 30.

Flying Dutchman Sigma
Blizzard Entertainment
Sigma got one of the best Halloween skins.

Needless to say, 76 is packing much more of a punch than he used to.

Additionally, the elevators on Hollywood and Volskaya will no longer go up and down with no one on them. Instead, they will only be activated when a player boards from below.

This is a long-requested change and one that should make getting to high ground a bit more consistent, especially for heroes with no movement abilities.

Ashe shoots Roadhog
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkenstein’s Revenge makes its return.

On the bug fix side, there is a major change to Widowmaker that will prevent her from being able to use her Grapple and keep it from going on a cool down. This should make it easier to deal with the game’s deadliest sniper.

Hopefully, these changes help make the game feel much better.

Full patch notes below:


Overwatch Halloween Terror returns!

During this pulse-pounding in-game event, expand your collection with spooky new cosmetics and experience new twists in the chilling tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge, our limited-time PvE brawl. Get ready for a shock with Junkenstein’s Revenge Challenges, diabolical twists on Dr. Junkenstein’s sordid plans. Two will become available each week, totaling six in all. Plus, overcome weekly challenges with wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade to earn a series of unique rewards!

Throughout the event, unlock new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Flying Dutchman Sigma, Karasu-Tengu Genji, and Werewolf Winston—to add to our growing collection from previous years.


Feature Update: Improved Profanity Filter

We are making changes to how the Profanity Filter works to give players more control over the types of words they see. Instead of a simple On/Off Profanity Filter, there are now three levels of profanity filtering provided.

  • FRIENDLY – We’ll do our best to filter all words currently identified by our constantly-updated list as obscene, vulgar, or offensive. This is the most family-friendly setting.
  • MATURE – You may see some obscene or vulgar words with this setting, but we will filter language identified as extremely offensive.
  • UNFILTERED – Nothing will be filtered. Please be aware that you may see extremely offensive language. This setting is not recommended.

Along with the new three levels of filtering, we now will allow players to have different profanity filter settings for each communication channel. These channels include:


As an example, you could use the stronger FRIENDLY profanity filter option for more public channels such as GENERAL CHAT or MATCH CHAT, but use the MATURE option for the more private PARTY CHAT.

PLEASE NOTE: Using Any of the profanity filters doesn’t make it okay for players to use offensive language, and we encourage you to report these examples if you encounter them.

See Blizzard Entertainment’s In-Game-Code of Conduct for more information on acceptable behavior. Using language reported by the community and deemed offensive by Blizzard will result in severe account restrictions.

Feature Update: Elevator Adjustments

Elevators will now wait at the bottom of their track until a player boards the platform. After a short delay, the platform rises rapidly upward. Once the elevator reaches the top, it pauses briefly before returning to the bottom.

Developer Comments: We’ve received quite a bit of feedback about the unreliability of the looping elevators in Hollywood and Volskaya Industries. In an effort to improve that experience, we have re-designed the elevators in both maps so that they no longer endlessly loop. We hope that this change will make elevators a quicker and more reliable form of vertical transportation, while granting nearby players fair warning that the elevator is in use through updated sound effects.


Competitive Team Deathmatch

Season 3 of Competitive Team Deathmatch has begun!




  • Added a voice line stating, “For the Crusaders!”, that allies will hear when Reinhardt uses Earthshatter

Soldier: 76

Heavy Pulse Rifle

  • Bullet spread removed
  • Constant recoil added
  • Bullet damage reduced from 20 to 19
  • Ammo increased from 25 to 30



  • Improved smoothness of Sombra’s First Person camera when Translocating short distances to a Translocator that is in view


Grappling Hook

  • Grapple will now bounce off a surface if the distance between you and the hook is under 2 meters, canceling the hook and not costing any cooldown



  • Fixed a bug that caused highlights saved from Experimental games to not load properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes to load slowly when switching heroes from the Hero Select screen
  • Fixed a bug with skill ratings not appearing in the Career Profile for Competitive Arcade seasons
  • Fixed a bug with the “All Seasons” option not appearing within the Career Profile menu



  • Fixed a bug that caused Baptiste’s eyes to not blink during his idle animation


  • Fixed a bug that caused the spray menu to display “Empty” in the top slot while a spray is equipped
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the Korean flag incorrectly on the Taegeukgi skin


  • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate voice lines not playing in the correct language


  • Fixed a bug that caused Lúcio’s legs to unintentionally extend when landing on uneven terrain


  • Fixed a bug with the Lifeguard skin model not displaying properly on low texture quality settings
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pharah’s eyes to not animate properly when equipping the Lifeguard skin


  • Fixed a bug that caused Reaper’s shotgun pattern to still be affected by random rotation


  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Storm, Earth and Fire” achievement from triggering


  • Fixed a bug that caused beam hit effects to display incorrectly on barriers

Custom Games

  • Fixed an issue with the Door Health Scalar custom games setting for Junkenstein
  • Fixed an issue with the Difficulty custom games setting for Junkenstein


  • Fixed a bug with Ashe’s Dynamite in hand to not scale to the size of the projectile
  • Fixed a bug with Brigitte’s Whip Shot not displaying properly when triggered rapidly without a cooldown
  • Fixed a bug that caused Reinhardt’s Earthshatter to not consistently hit targets when model scale is increased
  • Fixed a bug where Ashe’s B.O.B. would not smoothly scale up/down with Ashe
  • Fixed a bug where Call Mech placed the location of the new mech incorrectly at varying scales