Epic Overwatch Genshin Impact crossover turns Widowmaker into Rosaria

Michael Gwilliam

A talented Overwatch artist has combined Widowmaker with Genshin Impact’s Rosaria to create an incredible crossover skin that would be an amazing addition to the game.

In Overwatch, there’s no better unlockable than skins, and the developers go out of their way to make each one stand out.

Aside from Blizzard’s own crossover skins, with franchises such as StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo, Overwatch hasn’t mixed with other games yet. Now, a Genshin Impact fan has shown exactly why Blizzard should work with other companies.

In a truly neat Reddit post, user Mancilang showed off their concept for Widowmaker dressed as Genshin Impact’s Rosaria.

Amazingly, the skin does a fantastic job at combining both characters into one. Widowmaker’s purple skin is replaced by Rosaria’s pale white and her bluish hair becomes dark red.

Her white turtleneck, skirt, fishnets and other accessories are all present too to complete the ensemble. This of course includes Rosaria’s ruby gems and silver tiara crowning her head.

Best of all may be how the artist managed to merge Widowmaker’s sniper rifle with Rosaria’s Polearm weapon. The end result is a sniper rifle that has the same colors as the Polearm, engraving and even the bright blue shining from it.

Widowmaker as Kerrigan
So far crossover skins have been limited to Blizzard games.

Of course, the one issue this skin poses potentially is the fact that Rosaria wears high heels, so if this were ever actually added to the game, they’d need to either be removed or adjust Widow’s character model a touch.

Fans seem rather impressed by the skin, too, with one remarking, “I didn’t know I needed this till now.”

If Blizzard ever decides to work with other companies and create some crossover skins, just like how other games such as Fortnite has, this could be right up there with the must-buys.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this will be the case, but with Overwatch 2 in development, anything can change when the sequel eventually releases.

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