Elon Musk considers a return to Overwatch 2 after Torbjorn’s resurgence

Elon Musk in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Elon Musk responded to a streamer’s inquiry about returning to Overwatch 2 for the sequel and the Space X founder has left fans waiting to see him in their games.

It’s no secret that Elon Musk is a big gamer and was even once an Overwatch player back when the game first released, queuing up as none other than the Swedish DPS hero Torbjorn.

The billionaire even shared some suggestions about buffing the hero a couple of years ago, remarking how Blizzard should add “two weak turrets to allow more strategic degrees of freedom.”

While Blizzard did humor Musk’s request, showing off multiple turrets in action, it doesn’t seem like he’s checked out Overwatch 2 yet, but that could be about to change.

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Elon Musk responds to Overwatch 2 question

On October 20, YouTuber and Overwatch content creator Samito asked Elon Musk on Twitter if he’d come back and play OW2 with Torbjorn making a comeback.

Torb is disabled in Competitive play along with Bastion and Junkertown until October 25, but that could be when Elon jumps back into the Overwatch universe.

“Maybe,” he replied to the streamer.

To this, Samito made his case about why Elon should check out the game, saying how the developers have done a pretty good job on the sequel.

“Torb skill tree when the PvE campaign comes out will be sick, could make some nasty builds,” he explained.

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Interestingly, Musk’s idea to buff Torb will be a feature in the aforementioned PvE campaign, as back at BlizzCon 2019, then Game Director Jeff Kaplan showed off three turrets in action.

While PvE won’t be in Overwatch 2 until 2023, players will get their first glimpse of what the mode has to offer on October 25 when the Halloween event goes live with a brand new Junkenstein’s Revenge mission.

If Musk does decide to play Overwatch 2 again, he may even run into his ex-wife Grimes, who is also famously a big fan of Blizzard’s hero shooter. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if the Tesla CEO finds time to queue up and unleash his Molten Core.

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