Grimes surprises Overwatch fans with Jeff Kaplan picture to celebrate OW2

Grimes with jeff kaplan in ow2Instagram/Grimes/Blizzard Entertainment

Popular music artist Grimes stunned Overwatch 2 fans by revealing how big of a fan she is of Blizzard’s hero shooter by posting a photo of her with former Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

After a rocky launch, Overwatch 2 has seemed to stabilize with players worldwide able to enjoy the sequel for everything it has to offer with far more on the way.

While players have been critical of some of its changes such as a new Battle Pass model with uber-expensive skins, the gameplay itself has generally impressed the community.

To celebrate the game getting over these launch hurtles, Grimes posted a series of photos and messages on social media where she voiced her support for the game as a major fan of the series.

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Grimes celebrates Overwatch 2 and fans are loving it

“It’s so nice to hear a game talk about the possibility of hope,” the Canadian musician said. “As a longtime fan, I’m excited to participate in the Overwatch 2 launch! Hope to see you online.”

In a follow-up, the Player of Games singer said she had been “stalking” the Overwatch team for years and they decided to make her an OW2 partner.

“Never give up on relentlessly spamming gaming studios,” she said, attaching an older photo of her with Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan notably left Blizzard in 2021 before the launch of Overwatch 2 and he hasn’t been seen since, but fans have fond memories of his developer updates and Christmas fireplace streams.

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Amusingly, Grimes’ ex-husband, Elon Musk, has admitted to being a fan of Overwatch as well, saying that he mains Torbjorn.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Grimes in your ranked games as Overwatch 2’s first season continues on.