Overwatch 2 players elated as Season 11 nerfs finally make game “playable” again

Jeremy Gan
Kiriko in Overwatch 2 next to Roadhog

Overwatch 2 players are praising Season 11’s nerfs as they finally make the game “playable” again. Seeing two heroes in particular taken down a notch is the main cause for celebration.

Season 11 has finally arrived, bringing a lot of content to Overwatch 2. With Push getting some love thanks to Runasapi’s addition and Colosseo’s big rework, Cassidy’s kit landing some major changes, and even a new limited-time game mode, there’s lots to enjoy.

In between all of that, a number of heroes have been hit with some alterations, with most of the patch buffing some underperforming characters, while others like Sojourn got some tweaks to change up her play style.

However, perhaps the biggest victims of the balance changes are Roadhog and Kiriko, though players are rejoicing at the sight of their nerfs.

In Season 11’s update, Roadhog’s survivability was massively nerfed, taking his health down from 650 to 600. Meanwhile, Take a Breather’s damage reduction dropped from 50% to 40%.

Kiriko saw her Swift Step cooldown increase by a second, but perhaps the most stinging is that Suzu no longer cleanses hard knockdown stuns like Reinhardt shatters, Mauga stomps, and Sigma Accretions.

In a Reddit post on the Overwatch forum discussing the changes, many celebrated, joking “Overwatch is now playable”, with players largely agreeing these nerfs were needed.

“No offense but those Kiri nerfs should have been ages ago, great change that keeps both sides of the spectrum satisfied,” a player said of her nerfs. Various other fans pointed out the change was really made for Reinhardt mains.

In fact, pro player LhCloudy, a noted Reinhardt main, said of the changes, “SHATTER USABLE AGAIN.”

On the flip side, Roadhog mains too were quite receptive to the change, with one saying it doesn’t kill the hero, but rather “punishes hog noobs” who rely too much on their healing to survive.

As Roadhog didn’t get a nerf to his damage, do still be wary of getting hooked. Quite a few players have continued pointing out how he can still punish bad movement.