Ex-Overwatch pro stuck in Diamond after going 43-2 with new OW2 hero Venture

Declan Mclaughlin

Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca has started another unranked to high-rank series but only using the new OW2 hero Venture, however, it hasn’t gone his way as he is still stuck in Diamond with an insane win rate.

Venture is the hot new hero in Overwatch and has gotten some decent attention from the player base with their introduction into competitive play. As such, the game’s biggest content creators are messing about with them as much as possible to ride the wave of hype.

dafran, a former Overwatch pro, is one of those creators and he returned to the well of content through smurfing, creating a series where he plays only Venutre to go from unranked to Top 500 in Overwatch 2. However, with a 96% win rate on the hero after almost 50 games in one day, dafran is stuck in Diamond 5 as of April 17.

The creator started the series by saying that he couldn’t see the hero being all that great in high elo before crushing through this placement matches with only one loss.

Developers of OW2 have outright said they don’t enjoy people who go unranked to GM on new accounts for fun. Blizzard has created multiple guardrails to curtail the creation of smurf accounts, including adding SMS verification and restricting access to ranked through account levels, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped dafran and other creators from trying to challenges.

The 42-3 record showcases the power of Venture in the right hands. Multiple times during the win streak, dafran was able to jump into the enemy backline to cause havoc, then quickly get away using Venture’s tunneling ability.

The creator is still actively trying to complete the unranked to Top 500 challenge at the time of writing.

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