Dafran abruptly quits Overwatch 2 Top 500 Lifeweaver-only challenge after flaming new Support

Jeremy Gan
OW2 lifeweaver

Overwatch 2’s newest addition, Lifeweaver, has been criticized for his weak support kit since his debut, which has led ex-pro Dafran to abruptly end his Top 500 Lifeweaver challenge after lashing out at the new kit. 

Overwatch 2’s newest addition to the hero roster, Lifeweaver, has had a contentious launch. Despite players being excited for his arrival, it has become apparent to most players he is not particularly balanced.

Sitting at the bottom of the pick-and-win rate for the Season, various streamers and commentators all criticizing his lackluster abilities, his very first appearance in OWL was a troll pick by the Florida Mayhem, and beyond a slight early rework to his kit, Lifeweaver has not been having a good time. 

And now Dafran, the former OWL player turned mega-popular Twitch streamer, who decided to stream himself climbing from unranked to Top 500 with every single hero in Overwatch, has given up on Lifeweaver. 

Towards the end of a regular stream making his way up to Top 500 on Lifeweaver, he was constantly struck with bugs that weren’t allowing him to use Lifegrip on his allies.

It was then he completely gave up. “The character is bugged, the character doesn’t even f***ing work, I will play him again when he gets buffed”, he said angrily. “I need to be able to defend myself, and I can’t defend myself with f***ing Lifeweaver.”

He also makes a point that he was constantly getting stream sniped, which also made it harder to complete the challenge. But it clearly was not the main problem for Dafran, as he also points out it was impossible to carry the team or defend himself from intentional targeting. 

“I cannot carry with this character,” he said. “When they buff Lifeweaver we will come back to him, but as it is now, it’s not worth my f***ing mental.”

“This is the truth, he is dogs***” he ends his rant. Stating he will go back to his unranked to Top 500 on Doomfist challenge instead, vowing to come back to Lifeweaver only when he is buffed.