Overwatch 2 players debate if Lifeweaver should be the first support with 250 health

Eleni Thomas
lifeweaver in ow2

Overwatch 2 players are still getting their bearings in regards to new Support hero Lifeweaver, with Reddit users debating whether or not the new hero should be the first Support to have 250 health.

The Overwatch community is always active when it comes to debating the changes and improvements to the game they believe would elevate the experience. And with Overwatch 2 having gone live at the end of 2022, players have been more active than ever in this regard.

The most recent debate to spark within the community is in regards to the Support hero role. Specifically, if Lifeweaver should be the first Support hero to have 250 hp.

In a new Reddit thread, players began discussing whether or not this change would be beneficial to the game and to Lifeweaver. In a new Reddit thread titled, “Make Lifeweaver the first 250 health support”, One Overwatch player argued their case on why they think Blizzard should make this change to the newest Support hero to be added into the game.

“​​Reaper, Mei, Torb, and bastion (300hp) all have an increased health pool mainly because of their larger/wider hitboxes. I always wondered if we would ever see a 250hp healer, and I think if it were to be anyone, it would be lifeweaver. His pick/”winrate is still awful. His output numbers are just okay with his main perk being his utilities. I would say increasing survivability is a fair hypothesis without changing his kit to being a curb stomper. Is there a reason why Blizzard won’t do this?”

Players have since commented on the post, sharing their thoughts on the matter and whether or not they agree with this potential change. One commenter went in depth as to why they think the change would not be a good idea for Lifeweaver.

“I don’t think they will give him 250 health because he has high Survivability, in contrast to Reaper, Torb and Mei who have to stay in the front lines (or back lines, depending on how you play Reaper) to be effective, despite having surviving abilities of their own, or a massive Hitbox like Bastion. If they gave him 225 health and maybe added a shield, this can give him a large amount of regeneration that would make it even harder to kill him.

Overwatch 2 players weigh in on if Lifeweaver should have more health

 In my opinion, they should keep the 200 health, make 50 of it shields, and lower his Hitbox a small amount. I think it makes him more survivable, but not to the point where trying to kill a Lifeweaver is impossible.”

However, another user wrote that “It’s just lazy to make him a good pick by increasing the numbers on all his stats till he is busted. They need to change him into an actual support that does something.”

Do you think Lifeweaver should be the first Support to have 250 health? Or would this change only encourage players to use him in a more aggressive manner and essentially make his status as a Support hero?

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