Pro Baptiste wins Overwatch tournament with the best support play in history

Michael Gwilliam
Baptiste on Havana wins Overwatch matchBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch pro made his case for MVP of the 2021 OWL season with a tremendous Baptiste play that ended up not only winning a match, but an entire tournament in the process.

Baptiste is one of the most lethal supports in Overwatch, right up there with Zenyatta in terms of damage potential. Combined with his packed kit, which included the super powerful Immortality Field, in the right hands, Baptiste can carry games.

LA Gladiators star Jin-seo ‘Shu’ Kim showed that even by himself, he can turn the tide of a fight with a play that will go down in history as one of the best solo support carries of all time.

In the final map of the Countdown Cup finals, the Gladiators battled the Chengdu Hunters on Havana. Having gotten the payload far on their attack, the Gladiators needed to hold their Chinese opponents to be crowned champions.

With just over a minute remaining in Chengdu’s attack to capture Point B, the Hunters had plenty of ultimates coming online and a man advantage to secure the objective.

As both tanks for the Gladiators fell, the Hunters were about to activate both Dragon Blade and Rally. The Gladiators needed a hero.

Just before Yveltal could build Rally, giving his team loads of armor to sustain the fight, Shu took him out with some primary fire shots. Following this, despite losing yet another player, making the fight a 5v3, Shu put down his Amplification Matrix on a flank and went to work.

After landing headshots onto Ga9a, he demeched LateYoung on the D.Va and took aim at JinMu who activated Genji’s Dragon Blade, and eliminated the cyborg ninja before he could frag out.

The end result was a fight-clinching play from Shu. With time ticking away, the Hunters were unable to get a better opportunity and the Gladiators won their first-ever tournament.

“Skewed said winnable. I trust Skewed,” Shu said on Twitter, explaining how his fellow support helped lead the fight comeback.

The Gladiators’ performance in the Countdown Cup was enough to earn them a guaranteed spot in the 2021 playoffs in Texas. The Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, Shanghai Dragons and Chengdu Hunters are the other teams already qualified with the remaining three set to be decided during play-ins September 4 and 5.