Bastion and Symmetra teleporter combo in Overwatch is absolutely lethal

overwatch pirate ship bastionBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Bastion has become one of the game’s most notorious heroes, but when paired with Symmetra the apparently immobile DPS can become chaos incarnate.

While Overwatch is filled to the brim with infamous villains such as Widowmaker and Reaper, most players know that the true menace is the adorable yet deadly Bastion.

Although his new Pirate Ship skin might look cute, the hero has the power to turn the tide of battle very quickly. With a turret that shreds enemies where they stand and his tank form ultimate, many DPS players turn to the omnic as a last ditch attempt at swinging the fray in their favor.

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It turns out, though, that if you couple him with Indian architect and Vishkar queen Symmetra he can become even more deadly.

Overwatch Bastion Tank formBlizzard Entertainment
Bastion has traded in his feathered friend Ganymede for Vishkar’s resident genius.

Deadly Overwatch Bastion and Symmetra combo

In a clip entitled ‘teleporter Bastion is a viable strat,’ one player has showcased just how much damage the robotic hero can do when paired up with a skilled Symmetra.

When defending Point B on the Japanese-inspired Hanamura Temple, Bastion can be seen taking Symmetra’s teleporter from just outside the spawn point to the rafters that overlook the point.

Jumping back and forth, he manages to eliminate players coming into the pagoda using the vantage point provided by the window, and then proceeds to turn around and decimate the enemy Roadhog as he tries to sneak onto the point.

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The perfectly positioned teleporter gives the omnic the prime opportunity to rain chaos, and it also snags him Play of the Game!

Not only is the strategy clearly viable, but it’s also something that a lot of players want to try out for themselves. “I’m trying this,” writes one excited player, while another notes “the Sym/Bastion teleporter mind games are terrifying.”

Whether you’ve seen this duo before or otherwise, it’s worth remembering this cheeky little trick the next time you pair up with a Symmetra main. After all, who doesn’t want to reel in all those PoTGs?

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