Crazy Overwatch Orisa exploit makes Supercharger indestructible

Bill Cooney
Orisa Supercharger exploit on Junkertown

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]A new exploit that’s making the rounds in the Overwatch community allows Orisa to deploy her Supercharger where enemies can’t target or damage it on Junkertown.

Orisa’s Supercharger is a powerful ult that buffs the damage of each teammate within range, but it is vulnerable to being destroyed by enemies while active. However, a new exploit on Junkertown seems to put it in a spot where it still works, but can’t be hurt.

Orisa posing in demon Overwatch skin
Orisa’s Supercharger can turn the tide of almost any fight in Overwatch, if your team cooperates that is.

Normally, Supercharger is deployed with 200 health, which honestly isn’t a whole lot when the entire enemy team is trying to burn it down.

But, an exploit currently making the rounds on social media allows Orisa’s Supercharger to either go below ground or into the ceiling on the second checkpoint of Junkertown.

In the clip above, you can see that Orisa puts the charger down right in the doorway with the gate that drops down as you advance the payload, however, instead of staying where it should, the ultimate sinks down with the door to sit completely underground.

Even though it’s technically cut off from the rest of the team, it still provides the damage buff, and since it’s actually under the map, it can’t be targeted or damaged by the enemy team either, almost ensuring you a team fight win.

This doorway on Junkertown seems to have more weird effects on the Supercharger as well, if you put it down just before the door goes up it will rise up into the ceiling. Just like the first time it will still buff teammates, but it can’t be hurt by enemies.

Obviously, this isn’t how Supercharger is supposed to work, in both cases, it should be destroyed by either the Payload or the door itself, and it definitely shouldn’t be able to continue buffing teammates when it leaves line of sight.

But it is, so if you’re defending on Junkertown against a particularly annoying Orisa, it might be wise to wait to engage the enemy team, after they reach the second checkpoint and the door goes up. Hopefully Blizzard will fix this soon, but at least it’s only happening in one spot, on a single map, which means you don’t have to worry about running into it all that often.

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