Neat Overwatch trick lets Orisa take advantage of enemy Sigma Ultimate

Sigma from OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Sigma’s Ultimate Gravitic Flux is one of the deadliest abilities in Overwatch, so being able to counter it in any capacity is huge. What players may not know, however, is there’s even a way to use the enemy tank’s powerful move against him.

Gravitic Flux is unique in how it scales damage. First, players in its area of effect are lifted into the sky. This initial lift deals 50 total damage to anyone in it. The next part is tricky. Anyone slammed down will have 50% of their max health completely removed.

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While Sigma can be stunned or killed during the Ultimate, preventing any of the follow-up damage, there is one ability that can completely negate its effects and even benefit from being caught in it: Fortify.

Orisa’s move reduces incoming damage by 50% and also makes her immune to stuns, sleeps and any other crowd control ability in the game. This includes Gravitic Flux.

Orisa posing in demon Overwatch skinBlizzard Entertainment
Orisa’s Fortify is a great way to get out of trouble.

Fortify to access high ground fast

Overwatch streamer Emongg was able to capitalize on this by activating Fortify after he had been sent into the air on Rialto.

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With this, he managed to drop perfectly onto the high ground and made easy work of an enemy Moira with a little assist from his own Super Charger and Ana Nano Boost.

“Moira dead, chat you seeing this?!” Emongg exclaimed, clearly happy at his performance in the match as he fragged out.

Eventually, he dropped down to finish off the enemy Sigma, but depending on the enemy position, he could very well have remained on the high ground, maintaining his power position.

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Next time you’re in a match as Orisa and an enemy Sigma uses his Ultimate on you, don’t panic, but use Fortify to your advantage and see if there’s a high ground spot you can easily access.

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