Cosplayer brings D.Va online with adorable Overwatch outfit

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch D.Va Cosplay

D.Va has become one of Overwatch’s most beloved heroes. The Korean tank has attracted cosplayers far and wide, but this specific rendition truly channels Baby D.Va.

D.Va’s K-Pop icon status transcends virtual boundaries into real life. The adorable tank is one of Overwatch’s most sought after heroes, being picked up in pretty much every pro and casual game.

One fan recently went viral for creating a D.Va Nerf button that activates her Self-Destruct in game when pressed, making it easily the coolest controller that we’ve ever seen.

In a slightly more traditional method of paying homage to the Korean icon, this cosplayer has created a flawless cosplay that will remind us all why we “love D.Va.”

D.Va is a true icon both inside and outside of Overwatch!

Cute D.Va cosplay

A recent cosplay from cosplayer Enafox (Ena) has reminded fans why the hero has become such a fan favorite in the Overwatch universe.

In a recent post, the cosplayer stated that this was a “reshoot” of a previous cosplay, and this one certainly packs a bit of a punch. Seen sporting the hero’s iconic blue jumpsuit which is decked out with her iconic bunny logo and metallic neck armor, Ena really channels the K-Pop idol.

The details are awesome, as everything from her Bunny Blaster to the sponsors on the leg of her jumpsuit perfectly mirror her in-game appearance. The iconic silver headset frames perfectly recreated hair and makeup, and at first glance you might mistake the pictures for an illustration instead of a cosplay.

All of D.Va’s fiesty attitude is encapsulated in Ena’s pose as well. Replicating the iconic victory pose where she lies on top of her MEKA and blows a bright pink bubble with bubblegum, the background and her pose come together to remind fans why the character is so adorable.


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With nearly 1k likes in just a day, this cosplay is nerfing the competition. We can’t wait to see if Ena does some more Overwatch cosplays. Until then though, activate your MEKAs and prepare for battle, because this cosplay is going to be a tough one to beat!

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