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Overwatch fans fall in love with D.Va main’s beautiful custom Nerf button

Published: 2/Jan/2021 22:51 Updated: 3/Jan/2021 0:53

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch player’s awesome D.Va ultimate controller is making waves online, and it’s one of the best, most fitting ways we’ve ever seen to play the tank.

Crazy custom Overwatch controllers are nothing new, we’ve seen everything from playing Ana with a Teapot, Brigitte with a baguette, and even more, but a new creation for D.Va might be one of the most satisfying yet.

As far as Ultimate abilities in the game go, D.Va’s is pretty simple: it makes her MEKA self destruct, dealing 1000 damage within 20 meters and dropping off at further ranges.


There are a few ways to spice it up with boosts and fakeouts, but at its core, it’s just a nice, simple, powerful ability, which makes this Nerf button from Reddit user PhyrexianSpaghetti completely unnecessary, but incredibly awesome.

overwatch dva bomb
Blizzard Entertainment
Few things in Overwatch feel as good as wiping out the enemy team with one good bomb.

As far as custom Overwatch controllers go, this one is extremely straightforward: it’s just a giant button you press when D.Va has her Self-Destruct that activates the ability…that’s it.

The physical button itself has Hana Song’s trademark bunny logo on it, along with her ult catchphrase of “Nerf This!” on the base. It was all 3D printed, except for the single USB key input from an old keyboard, programmed to activate the ability.


Despite it being pretty simple, it looks extremely satisfying to just punch, bop or slam a giant, custom made D.Va-specific button as you toss your ultimate onto a helpless enemy team and secure another POTG for your collection.

Try to guess who I main from Overwatch

More than four years after release we’ve seen Overwatch played with almost everything you could possibly think of at this point, but leave it to the game’s creative player base, and they’ll probably keep coming up with new, more ridiculous ways to play their favorite game.

Overwatch 2 should (hopefully) be coming out sometime in 2021 as well, and we can’t wait to see what fans come up with when the new game finally does arrive.