Overwatch cosplay uses insane animatronics to take flight as Mercy

Animatronic Mercy CosplayInstagram: Zibartas Cosplay, Blizzard Entertainment

There are a lot of Overwatch cosplayers out there who have put an insane amount of time into honing their craft, but this Mercy outfit has been takento insane heights. 

We’ve seen a lot of amazing Overwatch cosplays throughout the years, but the main hero of choice that pops up again and again is the iconic Swiss healer Mercy. Her neo-futuristic angelic outfit is like catnip for cosplayers; everyone wants to give it a go.

Recently we even saw Mercy’s voice actress Lucie Pohl take flight as the iconic hero, sporting a Witch Mercy outfit that really let her become the Overwatch support.

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One cosplayer has taken his Mercy cosplay to a whole new level though, and that’s Zibartas Cosplay, a cosplayer based out of Denmark.

Blizzard Entertainment
Mercy is an Overwatch icon, but this cosplay takes her to a whole new level.

Zibartas creates a mechanical Mercy cosplay

Unveiling his creation on December 31 2020, just in time to give Overwatch fans one last shock in time for the New Year, Zibartas has created a Mercy cosplay that works just like her actual in-game outfit does.

In a stunning video, the Dane shows off a set of working animatronic wings fashioned out of steel and aluminium, with some white LED’s to create the glowing effect that Mercy’s wings have when in flight. A similar effect has been used to create Mercy’s iconic halo, which encircles his head and gives off the same glow as the wings.

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When we get into the outfit itself it’s a literal replica of Mercy’s. The red, black and white balance perfectly, and the leather style transforms a very feminine outfit into a masculine one. It’s an amazing example of how to genderbend a character without going too overboard.

Finally, we need to talk about that staff. Mercy’s Caduceus Staff is her most iconic weapon, and Zibartas has created a living version of it. Crafted out of metal once more and set in motion by a trigger within the staff’s body, the spinning aspect of the weapon’s tip has been beautifully recreated.

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Fans mindblown by incredible Mercy cosplay

The comments section of the Danish cosplayer’s Tweet is awash with Overwatch fans praising the amount of effort that’s gone into creating this piece.

One fan noted that they “don’t have words” to accurately describe how amazing this iteration of Mercy is.

Another noted that they’d been following Zibartas’ Mercy journey from the beginning, noting that “it was a delight watching the process.”

A final reaction came in the form of a gif that summarizes exactly how everyone felt when they saw this artistry for the first time.

Zibartas noted that the creation of this cosplay has taken “a year+”, and you can see just how much work has gone into this insane outfit. Every detail is perfect, the mechanical elements are amazing and the LEDs add an angelic hue to the whole ensemble.

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We can’t wait to see what Zibartas brings out in 2021, but it’s safe to say he was one of 2020’s last viral talking points. He’s going to fly like a Valkyrie this year, we just know it.