Chinese Overwatch player shows off ridiculous Winston instant kill combo

Winston on Lijang TowerBlizzard Entertainment

Being able to quickly secure frags can be key to winning matches in Overwatch by giving your team a man advantage. With Winston, the gorilla-turned-scientist may not seem capable of instant kills, but one combo proves he has it in him.

Despite gorillas being incredibly strong animals, Winston’s damage isn’t exactly feared in Overwatch. His Tesla Cannon only does 60 DPS and his Jump Pack maxes out at 45.

While there are some combos players can perform to maximize their damage output, such as meleeing during the Jump Pack to rack up an additional 30, nothing compares to the craziness that OWL pro Xu ‘Guxue’ Qiulin can perform.

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Hangzhou Spark’s Guxue is considered to be one of the best Winston players in the world. Thanks to his phenomenal cooldown management, intelligence and mechanics with Primal Rage, he can make Winston’s ultimate look more like Genji’s Dragon Blade.

Blizzard Entertainment
Some players don’t think the current meta is too kind to Winston.

During a match on Nepal, the tank player spotted an Ana in a room off to the side. After zapping her a few times to deal some damage, he forced the support to use Biotic Grenade on herself to heal up.

With the grenade out of the picture, Guxue sprung into action and showcased exactly why Winston can be deadly with an insane combo of attacks.

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First, he performed the aforementioned Jump Pack into melee for 75 damage. Next, while basically on top of the Ana he activated Primal Rage, to land a Primal melee, followed by a Primal Jump that reset when the ultimate was used.

With one more knockback of the melee, he had done enough damage to delete the Ana right then and there. Plus, with some help from a friendly Tracer attacking with them, he eliminated a Zarya too.

As an added bonus, the elite Chinese tank concluded the clip by scoring a double kill on the enemy Ashe and Tracer.

It’s rare to see good Winston clips like this, especially in such a Reinhardt-favored meta, but one of the reasons Western fans may be unfamiliar with Guxue is because he streams on Bilibili and not Twitch.

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Nonetheless, this combo is one players should really use to their advantage to catch enemy teams off guard. Give it a shot.