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Overwatch devs clear up misconceptions for radical new Experimental patch

Published: 15/Mar/2021 19:54

by Michael Gwilliam


The Overwatch developers have been forced to comment on the upcoming new Experimental patch featuring balance changes decided by pros and streamers after some community backlash.

On March 14, the Overwatch League streamed a panel where an assortment of professionals and Twitch stars sat down to over a series of buffs and nerfs to the entire cast.

Some of these changes were certainly on the more over-the-top side, such as letting Ana Nano Boost herself, Wrecking Ball’s model being reworked, Tracer gaining 25 HP, and giving Torbjorn two turrets.

While all these changes were done for fun as part of a special FlashOps tournament that anyone is allowed to enter, that hasn’t stopped some fans from being concerned.


Tracer looks on very concerned
Blizzard Entertainment
Some players were concerned over the balance changes.

Taking to the official forums, Overwatch Community Manager Josh Nash had to emphasize that these changes likely won’t be coming to the live game after the Experimental Card.

“It’s important that we clarify that these Experimental changes will be present for the sole purpose of the tournament – The changes within are not intended to reach the Retail environment,” he wrote. “Since the Experimental mode provides a unique environment, it serves as a great tool for something fun and engaging like this tournament.”

Even though a lot of balance changes are tested on the Experimental card before being added to live, sometimes the devs have used the card for more extreme concepts.


Blizzard Entertainment
The changes won’t be making their way to the live game.

For instance, in the past, the mode was used to show what the game would play like with only one tank on each team, three DPS heroes, and two supports. It also had a limited-time rework of 2CP that completely changed how the mode was played.

“We hope that everyone enjoys playing with the Experimental changes pitched by Overwatch League pro players and community members. An opportunity like this allows us to ‘break the mold’ with heroes and gives you an opportunity to check out your favorites with altered abilities,” Nash concluded.

It will be interesting to see if any of the Experimental Card changes end up actually being tested in the future and seriously considered for the live client, but for now, just think of this whole patch as a fun experiment.