Brigitte voice actor reveals amazing cosplay of her Overwatch character

Overwatch’s Brigitte voice actor, Matilda Smedius, showcased her cosplay skills by stepping into the role of her own character, blowing fans away.

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Many of Overwatch’s heroes lend themselves perfectly to cosplay due to their elaborate designs and colorful looks.

If you take a look at the voice cast of Overwatch, you might notice that many of the actors actually look a lot like the characters they are voicing, meaning you have a good chance at seeing that hero actually brought to life.

Blizzard EntertainmentBrigitte makes for an excellent cosplay choice.
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Brigitte meets Brigitte

Most of the characters make for an easy cosplay, with the exception of heroes like Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Winston and several others. Brigitte is one of those characters that could be pulled off with a little bit of time and effort, if you’re going for her battle-ready look.

However, Smedius decided to go with the more casual look of Brigitte, something she’d be wearing if she weren’t in the middle of a fight, and as she was shown in her original reveal video.

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Fans were seriously impressed, as the cosplay practically nails the character, and is even more impressive given Smedius says this is her first cosplay.

What we need now is a group of all the voice actors in one room, all dressed as their characters.

Overwatch is one of the most popular to cosplay. Partly because Overwatch is a worldwide phenomenon and features a vast array of characters, leaving something for practically everyone.

Heroes you wouldn’t think of seeing cosplayed in a million years, Orisa, for example, have been pulled off to great effect and it’s pretty cool to see.

And each new hero that is added opens up a new opportunity for a cosplay, so cosplayers will be excited to see what Blizzard has in store next.