Blizzard reveals Overwatch 2 art for new Toronto map

Tracer in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has unveiled some new Overwatch 2 art for the game’s newest map Toronto, which will be part of a whole new game mode called Push.

Toronto was first shown off at BlizzCon 2019 with a playable demo. It’s similar to the Control mode, otherwise known as King of the Hill, where both teams fight for possession of an objective.

In this case, it’s a bit of a tug-of-war with teams trying to ‘push’ the objective deeper toward the enemy’s base. Think of it a bit like Escort, but with both teams being able to push the payload.

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While the map was playable on the show floor in 2019, Blizzard Environmental Concept Artist Andrew Menjivar just revealed never-before-seen pictures of props used in the virtual version of the Canadian city.

Overwatch 2 Prosthetic shopsAndrew Menjivar/Blizzard Entertainment
Prosthetic shops are featured in Toronto.

In a post on Artstation, Menjivar wrote about his OW2 designs: “These are some props I designed for the Toronto demo that was showcased at Blizzcon 2019!”

Toronto is Overwatch’s first-ever Canadian map and will be the home of at least one new hero in the form of Sojourn.

As you can see in the art, some of the props included are really well-detailed. Cardio machines feature unique overlays that look similar to the Overwatch user interface, maintaining the immersion.

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Overwatch 2 excerise equipmentAndrew Menjivar/Blizzard Entertainment
The machines have a UI similar to the Overwatch HUD.

Among the street props, there are futuristic newspaper stands, mailboxes, binoculars, and benches. What’s neat is that the art also scales so we know how large they are when compared to the size of an average hero.

Prosthetic shop displays with robot-looking arms and legs are also included. Many heroes within the Overwatch universe such as McCree have prosthetic limbs, so this doesn’t seem out of place at all.

Overwatch 2 Toronto propsAndrew Menjivar/Blizzard Entertainment
There are lots of props found throughout Toronto.

“It’s enjoyable to figure out the more mundane things you might encounter in an urban environment, especially since Toronto is such a high-tech city in the world of Overwatch,” Menjivar added in the gallery’s description.

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It’s unclear when exactly we will finally be able to get our hands on Overwatch 2 and Toronto, but expect to hear big things at the Virtual BlizzCon in February. Until then, the wait continues.