Ridiculous Overwatch trick lets heroes fly with Zarya’s Grav

. 2 years ago
Zarya from Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players looking to completely catch their opponents off-guard and turn Zarya’s ultimate into something similar to Sigma’s should look no further than this trick.

Certain control maps in Overwatch have basketballs in spawn that players can “shoot” into baskets resulting in a bunch of confetti appearing. The balls can also be pushed out of the spawn and into the heat of battle.

Some players have found ways to use these basketballs to their advantage. Symmetra, for example, can put turrets on them, effectively turning them into balls of death that are transported through melees.

Other players have used the basketballs for glitches. As Dexerto reported in the past, players found a way for Sombra and Mei to work together to propel the ball in the air with the translocator on it, causing her to soar in the sky.

Zarya Alien skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Zarya’s Grav may be even stronger with the help of round, orange balls.

Now, Zarya player ‘jjonathannp’ has found a way to use the basketballs in combination with Zarya’s Graviton Surge to send players caught in it to the sky.

The confusing video shows the Zarya player land a grav on an enemy Symmetra on Lijang: Control Center. Apparently, a basketball was pushed from spawn and was on the other side of the wall.

As the ball was sent up into the air, it caused the Symmetra to fly up with it and all the way to the top of the ceiling.

“For all those confused about the Grav, I pushed a basketball from spawn!” jjonathannp explained in the comments.

Eventually, the Grav ended and the Symmetra player fell from the very top of the map, similar to how heroes who are caught in Sigma’s Gravitic Flux fall when he gets stunned out of it.

In theory, on an outside map with environmental kill potential, it may be possible to use this basketball trick to send enemies off the map. Hopefully, we can see a player try that out next time and reap the rewards.

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