Blizzard Has Released Another Teaser for the Next Overwatch Hero

Joe O'Brien

Blizzard has revealed another teaser for what is presumed to be the next Overwatch hero.

The latest hint may have given us the first look at the game’s 28 hero, the seventh new addition since the game’s release.

Blizzard began the process of revealing something big with an obscure first hint several days ago, a mysterious indicator that something big is on its way. As is becoming typical of such reveals, the first hint offered very little concrete evidence, acting more as an announcement of an upcoming reveal than a clue in itself.

The second clue changes little – it’s still the same setting and camera angle – and yet it changes everything, as it offers what may well be the first look at the game’s next hero, albeit very briefly.

Blizzard hasn’t even technically confirmed that the teasers are for a new hero, although history suggests that this is indeed what’s coming. Both the cryptic nature of the hints and their timing is in line with past releases.

Although the two years since the release of Overwatch might not be long enough to absolutely confirm the pattern, so far Blizzard does seem to have had a consistent schedule for new hero releases. A new hero has been added every July, November, and March since the full release. If that schedule holds, the next hero should be added within the coming month.

Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu also commented on the post, although his own hint was even more cryptic than the official one – assuming it’s any sort of hint at all.

With the two clues coming within mere days of each other, and assuming the new hero is indeed on track for a July release, it can be expected that more clues will be coming shortly.

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