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Bizarre Overwatch bug on Rialto can actually eat shields

Published: 5/Apr/2020 19:31

by Bill Cooney


A newly discovered bugged wall on Overwatch’s Rialto map seems to be completely draining shields that go up against it, but the good news is that it’s fairly out of the way.

Rialto was added for the 2018 Archives event and while it has seen its share of bugs like any other map, it’s generally considered to be pretty solid overall.

Part of what makes this glitch so strange, and entertaining at the same time, is that if it were located anywhere else, it would be a huge issue on Rialto and potentially break the map.

Blizzard Entertainment
The glitch appears in the first defending spawn room on Rialto.

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As shown by Reddit user OHgoDohF*CK5, the glitched wall is located in the back of the first defensive spawn room, an area player’s don’t typically spend a whole lot of time.

In the clip, Brigitte runs into the basement wall and her shield is instantly drained. They switch next to Reinhardt, who has the same thing happen to his barrier as well.

Both heroes have to get their shields to basically clip through the wall for the drain to happen, so whether or not it would also happen to Sigma, Winston, or Orisa as well is unknown.


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This all brings up the question of: how long has this glitch actually been hiding on Rialto, just waiting to be found?

OHgoDohF*CK5’s clip was recorded in a custom game, but again, that could be just because no player usually spends any more time in the defending spawn during a regular game then they absolutely have to.

It would be possible for a Reinhardt to get cornered or pushed down there if the attackers have steamrolled through the first stage, but even then he would need to be put up against the correct wall for it to happen.


Reinhardt holding shield in Overwatch
If the glitched wall was anywhere else on the map, it would be a much bigger issue.

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As it stands though, this bug is one of those weird ones that you won’t find unless you go out and look for it, so if the majority of players aren’t even aware of it, there’s a good chance devs aren’t either.