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Overwatch rework idea could make Reinhardt worth maining again

Published: 4/Apr/2020 1:41

by Bill Cooney


Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s original heroes, who has seen his fair share of changes throughout the years – but one player has a few interesting ideas that could make the character fresh to play again.

Reworks are nothing new for Overwatch heroes: In recent memory, Torbjorn was the last hero to receive a major rework to his kit and ultimate.

Generally, Reinhardt is considered to be in a pretty solid place right now balance-wise, but he isn’t a hero people are fighting to play. However, a new rework idea could change public opinion on this matter.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Rein has seem some big nerfs recently, but nothing that could be considered an actual ‘rework.’

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Created by Reddit user ‘OHgoDohF*CK5,‘ the rework concept focuses on Reinhardt’s Firestrike and Charge abilities in an effort to make them both a little more powerful.

For Firestrike, they suggested adding burn damage to the projectile that would drain 60 health over three seconds, similar to Ashe’s Dynamite.

Along with the added DPS, the ability would also knock back enemies who are close to Rein, giving him some much-needed breathing room from those annoying DPS.

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Next up was Reinhardt’s charge, and the first suggestion is one that players have been asking for since Overwatch came out, but for some reason hasn’t been added yet: the ability to cancel the move.


Every Rein player has had those moments where you wish you could stop the hero mid-charge (probably just before you flew off the edge of the map to your doom), so this change would be a very welcome upgrade.

Another smaller change would increase the speed of charge by 10% if Reinhardt is above 400 HP. This could be a little OP, but would also be a great way to take advantage of an unsuspecting enemy team.

Blizzard EntertainmentReinhardt’s charge could use a few updates, let’s be honest.

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While Reinhardt may not be on the top of developers’ list of priorities with Overwatch 2 and a new hero (Echo) coming out soon, this just goes to show a few changes could be all the hero needs to be relevant, once again.