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Overwatch pro Mouffin fired after sexual misconduct allegations

Published: 4/Apr/2020 22:50 Updated: 4/Apr/2020 23:17

by Michael Gwilliam


UPDATE April 4, 2:50PM PST: Walid ‘Mouffin’ Bassal has had his contract terminated by the Boston Uprising, as stated in a tweet on April 4.

“The Boston Uprising has terminated the contract of Walid “Mouffin” Bassal,” they tweeted.

Original story below.

The Boston Uprising are investigating Canadian flex tank Walid ‘Mouffin’ Bassal after he was accused of sexual misconduct by members of the Overwatch community.

On March 27, Twitter user and streamer KhaleesiBB posted a message where she detailed allegations against Mouffin.

According to the streamer, the Overwatch star had been messaging other girls, including some of her friends, asking for nude photos while they were dating.


Robert Paul For Activision Blizzard
Mouffin is an off-tank for the Uprisng.

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After meeting in person at TwitchCon 2019, KhaleesiBB claimed that Mouffin was drunk and became very aggressive.

“During the trip he was being aggressive with other girls at the AirBnB, being creepy, touching them and grabbing their wrists so hard he left bruises on them. This led to the other girls and I telling the other guys at the AirBnB to watch out for us, not to leave us alone with him and to check on us because we were all scared for our safety. I’m sure these girls would be comfortable coming forward and testifying their own side of this night, confirming everything that has happened,” she said.


Sometime after TwitchCon, the two reconnected and made up, but KhaleesiBB claims she heard he had been “DMing underage girls sexually and a girl and others had posted on their private Twitters.”

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She continued, “He had sent them videos and engaged with sexual behavior with them… I knew then that I couldn’t really deny what I had first heard back then. Mouffin had a penchant for underage girls and overall extremely predatory behavior towards women.”

“I also was told by people whom attended Blizzcon that he offered alcohol to minors, I don’t think that they accepted it but, the fact stands he was offering alcohol to people who are under the legal age. Some of these girls are no older than 15, they can’t even drive a car legally and he’s actively talking to them sexually (sending them nudes/asking them for nudes) as recently as January (As far as I know) and offering services,” she said.


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On March 28, the Uprising acknowledged the allegations and are investigating the matter. As a result, Mouffin will not be playing in the match against Toronto. The team added that they will not be commenting further on the matter.