Atlanta Reign star Dafran reveals how he got into the Overwatch League

Bill Cooney

Overwatch player Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca is one of the new players in the Overwatch League for Season Two, and now fans have gotten their first official look at the new Atlanta Reign player.

Dafran was previously a Contender’s player and one of the most popular Overwatch streamers on Twitch before joining the Overwatch League.

There was a lot of speculation that dafran joining Overwatch League was one big jebait, and he even fed into the rumor when he asked fans “Do you guys actually think I’m going into Overwatch League?”

It seems dafran has safely made it to the Overwatch League and on Tuesday, January 29 the Atlanta Reign put out a video giving fans some background info, and maybe most importantly, finally a good look at his face.

In the video, dafran talked about how he got into professional gaming with games like Clan Wars and CS:GO, but his “big break” so to speak wouldn’t come until the release of Overwatch.

“I tried to go pro in Counter Strike 1.6… I couldn’t do it,” dafran said in the video. “But then I went to Overwatch and yeah, people were noobs in Overwatch so I got a shot there.”

A lot of Overwatch League fans think dafran could be another “streamer-turned-pro” prone to drama, which he acknowledged in the video too.

“People want to see me do well, they want to see me pop off, though there are some doubts if I can stay out of drama and I understand that, I understand,” dafran said with a laugh. “I’m just excited about competing and going on stage.”

Dafran and the rest of the Atlanta Reign will play in their franchise’s first Overwatch League match on February 15 when they take on the Florida Mayhem.

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