Overwatch streamer learns clever Widowmaker trick from teammate

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

During a recent Overwatch match, one of Phillip ‘Kragie’ Krag teammates told the streamer about a clever Widowmaker trick to temporarily protect against enemy headshots.

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Widowmaker is one of the most popular DPS characters in Overwatch and certainly one of the most entertaining heroes to watch a skilled player perform on.

But like with any hero, there are a few tricks out there that not everyone is aware of, like the clever Venom Mine placement Kragie was shown by his teammate.

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As his team prepares to defend Hanamura Point A, Kragie’s teammate on Widow asks if he’s ever seen this “Venom Mine trick. If I put it in front of my face, they can’t kill me.”

Kragie goes on point to see what his teammate is talking about, and finds them looking through the small openings surrounding the first point with a mine stuck right on the wall in front of them, so that when an enemy shoots for Widow, they hit the Venom Mine instead, at least on the first shot.

“Dude your brain is fucking huge,” Kragie told his teammate. “Holy shit, I’m gonna take that tip now.”

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Kragie played Overwatch professionally in Contenders before becoming a full-time streamer for NRG in 2018.

Even though he spent some time as a professional player, it seems there are some things even Kragie hasn’t seen yet in Overwatch.

There’s sure to plenty of excellent Widowmaker play when the Overwatch League’s second season begins on February 14, 2019.