Adorable Mei skin concept would be perfect for Overwatch Summer Games

. 1 year ago
Mei Snow Cone Skin Concept
Blizzard Entertainment

For years, Overwatch players have been asking for a specific Summer Games skin for Mei. One fan has made that dream become a reality. 

Overwatch’s Summer Games event is one of the game’s most popular. Popping up every August, the new skins center around days at the beach or sportswear that symbolizes that hero’s country of origin.

While Mei, the fan-favorite Chinese DPS, does have a Summer Games skin, fans have been asking for years to have an ice cream-themed Mei skin. After all, ice is her entire identity!

One player has taken it upon themselves to create an iconic look for Mei that perfectly encapsulates Overwatch fans’ snow cone fantasy.

Overwatch Mei skating around on her ice
Mei is literally the queen of snow, and this new skin concept proves it!

Ice cream Mei Summer Games concept

It’s a no-brainer that an adorable candy-themed Mei skin would be perfect for celebrating the summer in style with, and this awesome design by u/SillyGooseRobyn ticks all the boxes.

Seeing wearing the typical ice cream vendor dress and apron, as well as the little hat, her outfit both encapsulates her fun personality with equal levels of cute.

It’s her weapons that stand out in this concept, though. Her Endothermic Blaster has been transformed into an ice cream scoop/cone hybrid that fires all different kinds of ice cream instead of her iconic icicles.

Additionally, her weather-altering chemicals that are stored on her back have been recolored in baby pink to create the feel of strawberry sauce.

This design is the ideal hybrid that a lot of fans have been looking for. One fan complimented, “This is amazing! The concept, the art, the whole thing! Shame on Blizzard if they don’t add this one.”

Another commented on the fact that Mei’s Ultimate, Blizzard, should cause a snowstorm of colorful ice cream. “Speaking of Blizzard. Could this skin have an ice cream-themed blizzard?”

Even players who really can’t stand Mei had positive things to say, noting that “I hate Mei’s abilities, they make me want to rip my hair out, but I love the look of this skin!”

Love her or hate her, this skin design is a unanimous hit. Who knows, maybe we’ll see ice cream Mei make an appearance this year to help us cool down this summer!

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