How to activate crossplay in Outriders for PS5, Xbox & PC

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Outriders Crossplay
Square Enix

One of the many joys of Outriders is the ability to explore Enoch with your friends, and Square Enix’s looter shooter has crossplay to allow Xbox Series X|S players jump into the action with those on PS5. Here’s how it works. 

While Outriders is a fun game to play solo, the real action starts when you grab a team of friends and start tearing through waves of insurgents and aliens together.

If you’re looking to sort out your squad but don’t quite have the right balance of classes, we’ve got a guide on how to level classes quickly, but if you’re ready to take on all of Enoch’s monstrosities then gear up for a fight.

The question is, how do you play with friends on another platform?

Does Outriders have crossplay?

Square Enix
Grab your friends, Enoch’s demons await.

Despite a rocky release period that saw crossplay disabled between consoles and PC, Outriders does have a crossplay function.

This allows players on console to join their PC Outrider family. Intra-console is also enabled, so you can play together even if one of you has an Xbox and the other a PlayStation.

How to activate Crossplay in Outriders

Activating crossplay is a pretty simple task, but there’s a few things you need to do before you launch yourself into the game.

Here’s our step-by-step-guide:

  1. Go to Options, then Gameplay.
  2. Scroll down and ensure that Crossplay is switched “on.”
  3. On the lobby menu, click “play with friends” in the top right.
    • If in game, head to one of the main bases (e.g First City, Eagle Peaks) and use a friend beacon
  4. Create a code in the bottom right, then give this to your cross-platform friends.
  5. You friends then choose “join a game using code” and input the code.

From here, you’re set to tear Enoch apart as a team!

Outriders crossplay menu

It’s important to note, however, that the game’s servers have a pretty infamous history. This has meant that crossplay often winds up being disabled, so make sure to check out our live Outriders server hub to make sure everything’s working as it should be.

Ready to venture into the Anomaly? Grab the loot and shooter experts among your friends and get ready to cause some chaos!

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