WoW dev “over the moon” with faction balancing in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
Faction balancing in Season of Discovery

Though some fans were skeptical of the plausibility of faction-balanced PvP servers heading into World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, the results seem to be fairly impressive. Now, one dev has confirmed just how successful the team has been, and it looks like good news all around.

The idea behind balancing factions in World of Warcraft is not a new one, but historically the technology has not permitted its implementation. Particularly during the launch of a game, the number of players signing up and creating new characters makes it extremely difficult to balance on the fly.

In a happy coincidence, it seems as though Blizzard made the breakthroughs they needed to make it a reality, just in time for the release of Season of Discovery. As such, they committed to keeping the factions on PvP servers as balanced as possible, with a hard limit that would close the servers off to new characters.

Now, one developer behind the game has confirmed the scale of their successes in this area.

Most servers balanced to within 5%-7% in Season of Discovery

In a thread on Twitter/X replying to players of the game, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield confirmed the specifics of how their approach to server balancing has worked in Season of Discovery.

Specifically, almost every server is balanced to within 7% or less. This statistic is not taken from characters created overall, but rather daily login numbers. This gives a far more practical statistic for how the faction populations are affecting the game.

Though Greenfield did admit that there may be one or two servers that are closer to ten percent, this is still an enormous success. In a later tweet in the same thread, Greenfield confirmed that this is better than almost any sustained period in WoW’s extensive history.

There have been some issues with faction populations thanks to the layering system, particularly in the Battle for Ashenvale. As a result, Phase One has brought home to the community what is now possible in Season of Discovery.