WoW: Season of Discovery players divided over reception of STV event

James Lynch
A troll stands in STV during The Blood Moon PvP event in Season of Discovery

The Stranglethorn Vale PvP event has taken center stage in the second phase of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery. As such, the community has been hotly debating whether it has been a success, with some claiming it’s the best change to the game since 2007.

The Blood Moon event is the second original PvP addition to Classic WoW in Season of Discovery. The first was The Battle for Ashenvale, which was a faction-based PvPvE activity that was generally well-received by the player base.

Blood Moon has been a significant departure from that format. It’s a free-for-all that has led to some interesting interactions for certain classes. That said, the experimental nature of the activity has proved divisive for fans.

Now, one players claim that the event is the “best thing added to WoW since 2007” has caused significant debate among the community.

Season of Discovery’s Blood Moon continues to divide fans

In a post on Reddit, one player shared their belief that the Blood Moon event is the single best thing added to World of Warcraft since 2007. Though the player didn’t specify what 2007 change this refers to, it was still controversial enough to draw significant debate from fans.

One player said: “The STV event sure has had its fair share of issues, lag being a large one, but as a disc priest I’m having a blast. I think it’s a great event. That said, I won’t join groups with melee unless I’m in a pinch and late to the party. So, I could see it being far less enjoyable for melee.”

Another added, “Fellow STV enjoyer here. Don’t listen to the moaners and complainers here. It’s fun; don’t take it seriously.”

A third had an entirely opposing viewpoint, saying: “Regardless of group or anything, the server stability has been poop. Only in the early morning or super late-night BMs have been fun. The rest of them you click your ability, and 2 seconds later it starts, but before it finishes you die. How is that fun?”

Whatever happens with events like Blood Moon in the future, Season of Discovery has been bold in its experimentation. Whether we will see more like it in the main game remains to be seen.