New World players saddened as bots are hitting level 60: “This is how the game dies”

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New World’s bots continue to run rampant and escape bans with some even starting to hit level 60 off of farming alone, leading to growing frustrations among players.

One of New World’s most consistent issues has been the many bots running through live servers. These bots are controlled by players and run around Aeternum farming materials and fishing non-stop.

While devs have been good about banning players using exploits and cheats to get ahead, they’ve fallen behind on tracking down and eliminating these bots.

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It’s now gotten to a point that the non-human farmers have been getting to the game’s max level 60 and players are in disbelief that it’s been allowed to happen to this degree.

New World bots are getting max level from farming

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New World bots are hiding all throughout Aeternum.

New World has had its fair share of issues since its launch, but perhaps none have been more invasive than its bots.

Running around the map farming materials from under players’ noses, these bots have been at it so long that they have progressed all 60 levels to the game’s max, in some instances.

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One glaring example of this comes from a player who’s watched a bot fish at the same spot every day on the map, tracking its progress slowly over time.

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The post was shared to Reddit, much to the community’s dismay, but the comments also go to show that this is not an isolated issue. Some have even reported bots that are already level 60.

Players have joked about celebrating “birthdays” for the pesky farmers, some sharing some funny stories to make light of the annoyance, “Our server threw a birthday party for a bot when he turned 40. I believe he is the woodcutter bot; whereas our fiber-focused bot is still a youngin’ at level 36. Maybe someday our reports will go through…someday…”

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Others, however, are not so optimistic. “This is how this game dies,” wrote one commenter with an apt reply of: “It’s already dead.”

Whether bots, exploits, dupes, or just general growing pains of being a new game, New World has been through the gauntlet as it heads into 2022.

But, with an impressive overall product and a great many players still traversing Aeternum, these bots may not be the end of New World that some think they will. But, only time will tell.

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