Fans outraged as New World streamer teaches 50 player Company PvP exploit

Connor Knudsen
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New World fans are calling for severe punishment for one streamer who taught over 50 players a PvP exploit, all while streaming live on Twitch.

New World devs have been hard at work patching the game, banning players, and attempting to get a hold on all of the various exploits that plague Aeternum.

However, there will always be those that insist on cheating and being the rules, if it means they can get an edge in the game’s Wars and Outpost Rush.

One streamer took this to the next level, however, teaching his 50-player company an exploit to enhance their PvP damage, all while live on Twitch. The community caught him red-handed, and they’re not happy.

New World streamer under fire for teaching Company PvP exploit

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Many in New World have been banned for using the game’s exploits. So, what will the fate of this streamer be?

In a post to the New World subreddit, user ‘Technoho’ compiled a detailed case showing that one streamer has been teaching an entire Company PvP exploits and suggesting they use it for war.

In detail, with videos and screenshots attached, the post shows how the streamer used an overlay to cover the Trade Skill bug. Members of the Company also streamed while clearly using the bug, and the streamer gave a literal lesson to Company-members on how to use the exploit.

“It is ridiculous that streamers can get away with blatantly cheating and encouraging their entire company to cheat and exploit knowing AGS will not do anything,” says the OP.

The post has blown up, receiving over 2,600 upvotes, several endorsements, and nearly 600 comments. These are filled with users who, like the OP, are angry with the streamer and are hoping for a ban.

One angry commenter wrote: “So sick of this s**t. This games turning more garbage by the day. There are multiple forum posts on this topic and not one received a dev reply.”

Another simply said: “Rot starts at the bottom. Cull the players who abuse bugs,” making a reference to the hunting of various animals in New World quests.

The streamer accused, TheGigameister, has not responded to the accusations and continues to stream on Twitch. After a massive wave of permabans went through on November 15, the community will have to see if he and his Company were among those hit with the ban, or if they’ll continue exploiting.

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