New World’s Jeff Bezos trend is so good it might never go away

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Jeff Bezos is a name many know, whether from the catchy Bo Burnham song or simply knowing his status as Amazon’s founder and former CEO. And now, for fans of New World, his name will continue to live on in this hilarious trend.

Amazon’s new MMO is sweeping the gaming community, with figures like shroud singing its praises.

But, no game is truly great until the internet meme lords have gotten their hands on it and made the rest of us laugh with their tomfoolery.

Well, New World, it looks like you’re on your way to being a great game. Enter, Jeff Bezos.

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new worldAmazon Games
New World is a breathtaking game visually, but this trend may or may not help its cause.

Jeff Bezos New World trend

Players are having a blast recreating the popular Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, in New World.

Some have said that there has been a Bezos named character, or some ode to the creator, in every lobby they’ve queued into.

These hilarious renditions aren’t simply celebrated one of America’s billionaires, they’re also poking fun at this being the first true success in Amazon’s gaming venture.

But, with the results being as hilarious as they are, we can’t say we’re complaining.

This creation, named JeffrieBezos, appears to be fully decked out in golden armor. A fitting outfit suited for only the most illustrious of billionaire lookalikes.

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If you end up managing to get into a lobby through the rough server queue times, prepare yourself for at least one of the Bez-clones to greet you.

Our advice, if you happen upon Jeffrie here, honor him appropriately and he may consider having mercy upon you. Maybe even try singing this little ditty to him.

“CEO, Entrepreneur, born in 1964, Jeffrie… Jeffrie Bezos”