Wild NBA 2K23 glitch dunks players through hoop instead of basketball

Lawrence Scotti
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An NBA 2K23 clip has gone viral after one player dunked and glitched through the hoop, spinning around infinitely.

NBA 2K23 has been out for almost a month now, and players have been digging into the various game modes the basketball sim has to offer.

Although 2K23 sports some seriously realistic graphics, players have been encountering some glitches that break the game entirely.

One player went viral for coming across a bug so hilarious it broke the game entirely.

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LeBron James is one olf the best ballers in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 glitch goes viral for putting players through the hoop

User SmoochieWallace0023 posted a clip to the NBA 2K subreddit which instantly gained attention.

In the clip, their Center dunks the ball and gets stuck inside of the rim, glitching their body up and down and swinging around the net like a demon.

Finally, after the Center finished their insane glitchy outburst, they returned to the game and ended up glitching out on the other end of the court as well.

SmoochieWallace titled their post sarcastically, “2K isn’t broken this year.”

In the comment section, 2K fans enjoyed the bug. One said, “If that sh*t happened in my game I’d be on the floor.”

Another added, “Not gonna lie, seeing these sort of glitches might just encourage me to spend the money on the new game.”

One final player labeled the crazy bug the “flashiest dunk” they’ve ever seen. While this bug might be rare to encounter, it sure is one of the most insane glitches we’ve seen come from the game.

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