Crazy NBA 2K23 college quest glitch lets players get VC & XP fast

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Accumulating XP and VC in NBA 2K23 requires countless hours of gameplay; however, a simple glitch expedites the process.

NBA 2K23 received glowing reviews for gameplay innovations, but microtransactions and outrageous VC prices bog down an otherwise great experience.

2K incentivizes purchasing microtransactions by offering expensive MyPlayer cosmetic items and boosts to help players reach a 99 overall. NBA 2K23, like many other sports titles, suffers from microtransaction overload, but some players believe it has reached a tipping point.

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An easy XP and VC glitch may be just what the doctor ordered for players flocking to other modes.

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The weak story of the NBA 2K 23’s MyPlayer mode has been criticized.

What is the NBA 2K23 college quest glitch?

Reddit user WRXSTL discovered a bug that lets you change the sliders for the college quest in NBA 2K23 MyCareer.

To take advantage of the glitch, fail intentionally during the third MyCareer college flashback game of the quest, and the game will restart you in the fourth quarter. With edited sliders, the game can be played on the easiest difficulty, and all XP and VC will stack even after restarting.

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Sliders allow players to manipulate gameplay, altering stats such as shot success or acceleration. Adjusting sliders makes it easier to defeat the CPU and pull off insane performances like in the image below.

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2K players thanked the poster for sharing the glitch but are worried it may be patched.

One player stated, “hopefully, they don’t fix this. Could use the badge grind on my pg.”

Another player added, “Yup did this a while ago. Low-key wish you didn’t post it, so it doesn’t get patched.”

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Some users fear the worst; as a third person argued, “Too late. Guarantee they are working on an update to fix.”

If the developers are working on a patch, make sure to earn some VC and XP before it’s too late.

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