NBA 2K23: All Ronnie 2K locations & rewards

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Ronnie 2K is back in NBA 2K23 ready to deliver players brand new rewards. Here are all four locations he can be found in plus what rewards he will deliver.

NBA 2K23 has officially launched, and just like every year, basketball fans are rushing to get their MyPlayer to the highest rating possible.

On their journey to that prestigious 99 overall player ratings, many players gun to find Ronnie 2K, the franchise’s long-standing ambassador, who can be found inside The City each year for big rewards after achieving certain milestones.

Here are all of his locations and what he can bring.

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NBA 2K23: All Ronnie locations & rewards

Ronnie offers players rewards based on how high their overall rating is in intervals of four including 65, 75, 88, and 90. In order to unlock each Ronnie location, you’ll have to reach the respective overall rating. Here are all his locations as well as the overall players need to be to collect the reward.

65 OVR reward and location

To collect the 65 OVR location players can head to the North Side Knights at the northeast of the City map, just outside the Subway station. The reward is a Ronnie 2K & Sophie t-shirt.

75 OVR reward and location

Ronnie’s second location will be just above the South City Vipers in the southwest of the City map, directly in front of the Subway. He will reward players with the Spawn Location ability.

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88 OVR reward and location

His third location will be back north near the North Side Knights hub slightly west of the first location, closer to the next subway stop. The reward for this one is the ability to play shirtless.

90 OVR reward and location

The final location Ronnie will spawn is directly in front of the South City Vipers entrance, where players who hit a 90 OVR can obtain the Rebirth reward, granting another MyPlayer with 30 badge points and a cap of 90 OVR off the bat.

Those are all the locations for Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23. For everything else NBA 2K23, stick to our home page.